Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Fedora 20 - Released!

More tire kicking to come, but I wanted to share my first genuine Heisenbug experience with F20 with you!

First, let me note that this didn't happen on the same system that I'd blogged about before - on that one I'd installed Fedora 20 Beta from scratch.  This system is my "floortop" computer at home that was running Fedora 19 and which I just recently upgraded to F20 using FedUp.

Anyway, I was trying to open an existing account at (yeah, I know) and FireFox 26.0 crashed 3 times in a row at the "loading your mailbox" point after logging in.  I figured I'd be clever and start FF from a command line in a terminal, piping its console output to a file:

     $ firefox &>office365FFdump.txt

Firefox "fired" up just fine.  I pointed it to, entered the login info and... found myself looking at the inbox, just as I did not expect.  Just to be sure of what I witnessed, I logged out, closed FF and repeated the process.  Again, success.  So, attempting to observe Firefox fail, failed.  So far it looks just like a Heisenbug!

Next things to (sanity) check:

- what does the default launcher pass to firefox's command line?
- what happens if I pass those same parameters (if any) to firefox when launched in a terminal?

I suppose there are a myriad of more aggressive debugging approaches I could take, but hey.  This is just a passing chuckle so far - a demonstrative nod to this distro's codename.

Good night.


When run from the default launcher, the only difference I can see between it and my running '$ firefox' from a terminal in my home directory is that the path to firefox in the launcher is explicit.  Here's the result of me running it in my home directory but with the full path specified:

 $ /usr/lib/firefox/firefox

 (process:2465): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_slice_set_config: assertion  'sys_page_size == 0' failed
 Segmentation fault (core dumped)


Hmmm, crashy.

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